Idler Arm Bushing, brass for 71 to Mid 72 Super……#87-0142

Code: 87-0142

Idler Arm Bushing, brass for 71 to Mid 72 Super. Incorporates internal grease distribution groove and Zerc fitting…..#87-0142


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In stock


Top Line Parts has introduced a new high performance idler arm bushing for all 71 to mid 72 Super Beetle models. If your Super has been suffering from shimmies and shakes, or sloppy steering, a new idler arm bushing may be needed. The bushing is an exact replacement for the VW bonded rubber bushing, but incorporates some performance improvements. Made from solid brass, the Top Line bushing is a precision fit in your existing idler arm holder assembly. While brass bushings have been available in the past, the new Top Line bushing incorporates an internal grease distribution groove. Once pressed into place, it’s an easy matter to drill & tap the holder for a Zerk fitting, making the bushing serviceable with a grease gun. Fits chassis up to #112-25-75326.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in
Fit USPS box